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30 May 1997 Motel California
Melissa at Motel Calirfornia on Friday. Her fifth and final day.

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     csmc523.zip (913K): csmc501.jpg thru csmc523.jpg
897K23 imagesThe first image set. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
csmc5.mpg1.3M8 secondsAn mpeg of Melissa claiming she will kick Urkle's ass. The video is not as good as the second, but the sound is much better. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
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     mc516.zip (735K): mc501.jpg thru mc516.jpg
731K16 imagesAnother image set. Digitized by chanson.
mc5.mpg3.0M17 secondsAnother mpeg of Melissa claiming she will kick Urkle's ass. Sound is worse, but video is better... Digitized by chanson.
mc5a.mp3321K First video intro and Melissa pluggin Sabrina. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mc5b.mp3153K Second segment, Melissa intros En Vogue. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mc5c.mp3222K Melissa says she is gonna kick Urkle's ass. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mcclules.wav55K 'Whatever'. Digitized by Charles Schultz.
mcurkel.wav131K 'I'm gonna kick Urkle's ass.' Digitized by Charles Schultz.

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