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CEIA cast on Nick Arcade
From the episode of "Nick Arcade" that the CEIA cast was on in 1992.

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     narc023.zip (1.0M): narc001.jpg thru narc023.jpg
     narc047.zip (1.0M): narc024.jpg thru narc047.jpg
     narc070.zip (1.0M): narc048.jpg thru narc070.jpg
     narc095.zip (1.0M): narc071.jpg thru narc095.jpg
     narc117.zip (1.0M): narc096.jpg thru narc117.jpg
     narc140.zip (1.0M): narc118.jpg thru narc140.jpg
     narc164.zip (1.0M): narc141.jpg thru narc164.jpg
     narc189.zip (1.0M): narc165.jpg thru narc189.jpg
     narc212.zip (1.0M): narc190.jpg thru narc212.jpg
     narc230.zip (781K): narc213.jpg thru narc230.jpg
9.9M230 imagesAn image set from the appearance. Digitized by Donald Lancon.

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