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Nick In the Afternoon: reports from the 'Good Burger' Premiere.
Melissa hosted NITA's coverage of the good burger premiere along with some Amanda Bynes from All That. There is some Larisa stuff in here as well.

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     gbprc01.zip (1.0M): gbpra01.jpg thru gbprc01.jpg
     gbprf04.zip (1.0M): gbprc02.jpg thru gbprf04.jpg
     gbprlo01.zip (1.0M): gbprf05.jpg thru gbprlo01.jpg
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3.0M56 imagesAn image set from the appearance. Digitized by chanson.
gbprcut.mpg6.7M39 secondsA cut up mpeg of chanson favorite moments. Digitized by chanson.
gbprlm.mpg1.1M6 secondsA mpeg of Melissa asking Larisa what she likes on her burger. Digitized by chanson.
gbprctbk.wav33K Melissa saying "I think its time to cut back." Digitized by chanson.
gbprjct.wav42K Melissa saying "You know, you're just causing trouble." Digitized by chanson.
gbprwant.wav22K Melissa saying "I just didn't want that." Digitized by chanson.
gbprokay.wav17K Melissa saying "Are you okay." Digitized by chanson.
gbprdisg.wav56K Melissa saying "Thats disgusting, you're really gonna be sick." Digitized by chanson.
gbprwav.zip133K An archive of the wavs.

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